Activity room with diversified industrial development trend

Let’s look at the process of industrial development activities room, what activity room, activity room is a possible site installation and removal of temporary housing, mainly used in the construction site early stage of development to live and work and other uses, such as construction sites, coal mining site, bridge construction site, railway site, subway construction site, road construction sites, municipal engineering and so on. Before the event room to build out the site are usually shed as a temporary shelter, but due to the safety of the shed, and many other aspects of human nature is not ideal, and therefore activity room appeared, slowly replacing the shed, though in remote mountainous areas there are shed, but this is not the mainstream, the activities have become the industry standard.

container shop  house
container shop house

Activity room in the country has developed for many years, before the activity room products has been relatively simple, but in recent years, activity room there is a trend of diversification, from the cement activities room to the activities of the board, from the activities of the board to color plate activity room, then to the container activities room, and finally to live in the container. Other names as well as simple activities room, activity room light steel, cement activities room, container houses and so on. We seize the main line: cement activities room -> activities of the board -> color plate activity room -> Container activity room -> live in the container.

container house  insulation
container house

Cement activity room is the first activity room, has now been eliminated, it is time-consuming and costly because the activities of the board room is still occupied most of the market activity, relatively mature, but relatively poor fire performance, reusable less frequently, waste is large. Color plate activity room is better than the activities of the board, it is better fire resistance, can be reused many times, relatively few wasted. Container activity room was transformed into a container activities room, durable, can be reused up to 10 years, but the cost is high.

container houses
container houses

Live in the container is a modified container activities room, it is not with shipping containers transformation, but directly with steel sandwich panels and other materials, as compared with shipping containers transformed into the activity room, steel than it uses less, for domestic customers, the main part of the steel is sufficient, such as cabinet frame, roof, floor. Other parts of the sandwich can be manufactured, so can achieve durable, re-use purpose, but also cost savings. Although the proportion live in the container activities occupied housing market is still small, but the potential is enormous, I believe the next few years, it is growing very fast.