Advantages of container activity room

Container activity room are so popular is because the container activity room has the following advantages:

First, more humane: good heat insulation effect, cool, clean, comfortable and safe living; refined and elegant, beautiful and generous. Second, durable: composed entirely of steel, it has a strong earthquake, deformation resistance; good sealing performance, waterproof fire anti-corrosion.

container house  insulation
container house

Third, environmental protection and energy saving: Due ready to use, immediately run away with a crane hanging, does not produce any jobs trash; recycling more energy efficient. Fourth, the combination of flexible: Multiple boxes can be any combination of a meeting room, dormitories, kitchen, bathroom, etc., and extremely fast. Fifth, easy accessibility: housing for the whole structure, FCL hanging on a car can be transported to the destination site lifting, the day of arrival, disassembly is similar. Sixth, easy to move: the entire container cranes can quickly move to any position.

container shop  house
container shop house

With the above understanding, now we know the advantages of container activity room, that is humane, durable, environmentally friendly energy, the combination of flexible, easy to move.

container houses
container houses