Prefabricated Modern Light Steel Structure Villa for Sale

1. Environment-friendly:
Light steel villa is a kind of environment-friendly and cost-saving building, especially designed for low dwelling and commercial usage; All materials can be recyclable and without construction waste.
2. Convenience:

The steel villa is using the zinc plated panel and C type steel as its structure; the sandwich panel is assembled on it. So, it always has very short construction period.
3. Bearing capacity:
With light steel as it’s main framework, the steel villa has high bearing ability of 100-200kg per square meter.
4. Heat preservation:

With sandwich panels and PVC/wooden claddings as its covering materials, This steel villa has high performance of heat insulation, sound insulation, water resistance and moisture resistance. The heat preservation function of our 75cm thickness wall is the same as 100cm thickness brick wall.
5. Exquisite appearance:

With PVC or composite wooden cladding panels as decoration, the steel villa looks elegant and graceful.
6. Long service time:
With a regular maintenance, the service life can be more than 25 years.
7. Wide applications:
Always used as a villa, tourist area housing, resort housing, holiday cottage, family home, etc.

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