Prefabricated Villa House

Product Description

Product information
Product type:Light steel villa

Beautiful and comfotable prefab house

Light steel prefabricated villa house
-Modular structures provides time saving.
-Modular construction flexible tenant improvements
-The prefabricated or modular building on jodsites anywhere.
-Concurrent construction phases reduce the project schedules.
-Resource-efficient practices produce less waste and less impact on the environment.

Main material system
Decorative layer:asphalt shingles/color steel glazed tile
Insulation:EPS sandwich panel/PU sandwich panels/glass wool sandwich panel
Purlins:mainly used c-shaped steel
Roof truss: retangular tube/pipe truss/truss angles
Ceiling:gypsum board +keel

office container and sanitary Project Located in Chile
Decorative layer:PVC cladding/wooden cladding
Insulation:EPS sandwich panel/PU sandwich panel/glass wool sandwich panel
Ring beam:cold rectangular tube pipe truss
Steel colum:cold rectangular
Steel Bearing Board/Ceramic Tile/Fiber Cement Board/Calcium Silicate Board/Plywood can be choose.

storage-container (3)

office container and sanitary Project Located in Chile
PVC/Aluminum Profile with Single Glass
EPS Sandwich Door, PVC/Aluminum/Steel Composite Door.

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