steel framing prefabricated house

Gone are the days of the cookie-cutter modular homes of the 1950’s. Modern Style modular homes shatter the claim that prefab can’t be built to look cutting-edge. Often custom built, modern home manufacturers offer the most amount of customization of any style because they have no set style. Building with steel frames instead of wood means that entire walls or ceilings can be replaced by windows, rooms can be much larger, and you can build up and out to your heart’s content.

Light gauge steel frame construction is a rapid construction system. The main carrier system is established in residential type constructions within one week regardless of weather conditions. Turnkey construction can be as short as 2 months.

A specific “construction season” does not exist. Reinforced concrete is not required, except for base. Buildings are factory pre-produced for rapid delivery meaning short lead times, minimum time on site, rapid and practical assembly without highly skilled labour or specialist equipment.