Steel Prefab House is one of the main types of structures in modern architecture

Steel is one of the main types of structures in modern architecture. Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete structure, steel building with light weight, high strength, safety, seismic performance, energy efficiency and environmental protection benefits and can increase the architectural space of the 3%-4% area. Especially in the northern region, steel buildings are not affected by seasonal effects, in factory production, reduce the amount of work at the construction site, greatly shorten the duration. In recent years, with modern steel technology promotes the development and growth of the construction industry, became an important pillar of industrial development and upgrading of modern architecture.

Eight session, held recently in Beijing the national provincial steel industry association () Summit is an annual event of national steel industry. Industry experts on steel structure development situation, market-oriented, how collaboration between associations and enterprise development are discussed. During the “modern construction fair” promotion received widespread attention, industry sources have said it was a good opportunity, advantages of steel enterprises at home and abroad with “modern construction fair” this platform to promote industrial upgrading and development.

“The second China (Shenyang) international modern architecture industry fair” will be held from May 20 to 22nd at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center, the nation’s Ministry of housing, in conjunction with the Liaoning Provincial Government, the Shenyang Municipal Government for the development of modern construction industry at home and abroad to build a set of products, information exchange, trade orders, seminars, investment talks and technical cooperation in one of the Expo trade platform. Steel products as one of the most important exhibits, will be more integrated with the modern construction industry exchange market opportunities.