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  • container house insulation
  • container house insulation

container house insulation

  • Description:
  • Description:


    Place of Origin: China

    Brand Name: QSH(quick smart house)

    Certificate: CE & SGS

    Model Number: Portable house for outdoor

    Minimum Order Quantity: One container loading

    Price: USD110 to 130 per m2

    Packaging Details: Bare bundle and loading by container

    Delivery Time: One month

    Payment Terms: TT or LC

    Supply Ability: 5000m2 per month

  • Tel: 0086-22-88357052
    E-mail: sales19@quicksmarthouse.com
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Production Introduction:


Quick & Easy Installation + High Mobility(easy transportation)

Good Living condition + Light & reliable structure

Cost-effective and Wide applications


  1. Portable and relocatable buildings are the best solution where speed, budget, and limited or temporarily-available space are issues. Our buildings are cost effective, customizable. We can make house according to the customer’s layout.
  1. No other kind of building allows such a quick reaction time as Portable house. Whether it's in the case of natural disasters, to accommodate temporary staff increases, or to provide classrooms, government and medical facilities, offices and even retail "pop-ups". Our buildings are used by a very wide range of sectors, public and private. It provide the flexibility of buildings as stand-alones (especially useful for events and concerts) or configurations that extend and complement existing long-term facilities.
  2. Using a Portable house also makes sense financially. It allows businesses and government organizations to control their cash flow and avoid costly building projects. It's also useful during times of growth where the future or economic climate is uncertain and long-term capital commitments may be premature.

Portable houses are reusable, so they're very environmentally friendly. Individual buildings may be re-purposed by the same user, or moved on to a new use over the span of their life. Regular checks and maintenance ensures every building is delivered in the best possible condition.















1.Applicable to all kinds of residence and utilization purpose.
2- It can be constructed faster and rapidly with respect to reinforced concrete buildings.
3- When required, it can be removed and installed at any place.
4- Upon request variable, modern, esthetical and new forms can be manufactured.
5- The production is made in factories and the assembly is completed in a short time.
6- Its easy installation is completed in environmental friendly manner and without damage.
7- It does not need crane; our products are light prefabricated constructions. It does not require special foundation. Simple lean concrete is sufficient.
8- At duplex buildings, it is sufficient to prepare ironed radial foundation.
9- Upon request various selectable materials can be used.


  1. Insulated panels interlock simply, slipping easily into place, quickly locking panels tightly together to create a high performing and consistent insulation barrier protecting the home from variations in outside temperatures and humidity and maintaining a comfortable internal living environment.
  2. Insulated panels conserves energy by reducing the reliance on air conditioners or heaters whose effectiveness is normally lost through poor and inconsistent insulation materials and installation methods. It is a lightweight, non-ozone depleting structural panel made with an insulating EPS core and strong color steel facings

Panel Thickness : 75mm



  1. Quick smart installation
  2. Quick and easy to move from one site to another site
  3. Low cost : save cost in installation and shipping
  4. Long lifespan : Galvanized and strong steel frame
  5. Extensive and flexible application.


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